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The 1/2 HP Fractional Aerating Fountain & Mixer Series comes complete with 5 systems in 1; four interchangeable patterns, Gemini, High Volume, Rocket, Phoenix and a horizontal Mixer. Built on a similar platform as our 1HP-5HP lines, the Fractional Series is just as efficient but more versatile in that it can be used as both a surface spray system or easily converted into an underwater mixer. Ready to install out of the box and designed with the small pond owner’s needs in mind, the Fractional Series provides both aesthetic appeal and aeration, taking care of your water quality management needs. This unit is popular among those with back yard ponds, farm ponds, or anyone with ponds less than a 1/2 acre in size. 5-in-1 System Includes:

    • 4 Patterns & Horizontal Mixer
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • Corrosion Resistant Impellers
    • 316 S/S Motor Housing
    • As Shallow as 16in (41cm) Operating Depth
    • Mixer Model Discharge Angle Adjusts /- 8 degrees
    • Oxygen Transfer Rate of 2.2lbs (1kg) per HP/hr with a Pumping Rate of 506GPM (115m3 /hr) – Highest Performance Rateof any Fractional Aerator in the Industry*
    • Safety Tested & Approved; Listed with ETL, ETL-C and Carries CE Certification 3 Ideal for Ponds 1/2 acre or Less
    • Power Cable Sold Separately

  • Cable Run 150′ or less 16/2 Cable
  • Cable Run 150′ to 300′ 12/3 Cable
  • Deluxe Units Include LED 2-Light System and Quick Disconnect Cable Connections on both Unit and Lights

Other features include:

  • Cost effective.
  • Smaller horsepower systems consume less energy offering significant cost savings.

Provides Natural & Effective Water Quality Solutions: Introduces oxygen into the water column for the most natural solution to water quality management, effectively controlling algae, aquatic weeds, and foul odors while creating impressive displays. Shallow Operating Depth: Operates in as little as 16in or 41cm. Corrosion Resistant: Stainless steel and thermoplastic components makes it suitable for brackish and effluent conditions. Proven Performance: Otterbine is the only manufacturer to have oxygen transfer and pumping rates independently tested and published on their aeration systems. Comprehensive Warranty: All-inclusive 2-year Warranty on unit, cable and power control center*. Complete Package: Includes assembled unit (ships as Gemini,) components for all 5 systems, debris screen, and mini power control panel* with timer and gfci. Safety Listed & Protected: Package electrically safety tested and listed with ETL, ETL-C conforming to UL standards. Products for European Union are also safety tested, approved and carry a 3rd party independent CE mark.

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Voltage & Lighting

115 Volt – No Lights, 115 Volt – LED Lights, 115 Volt – RBGW Lights, 230 Volt – No Lights, 230 Volt – LED Lights, 230 Volt – RGBW Lights

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