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Otterbine | Nashville Pond

Otterbine makes the best aerators and fountains in the world.

Otterbine Aerating Fountains

There are more to these systems than just a pretty pattern. Engineered and tested to provide oxygen to ponds and lakes for improved water quality – get the added benefit of an attractive display! Choose from any of the patterns and get a 5 year warranty and years of satisfaction.

Fractional Series Aerating Fountain & Mixer

Whether you’re looking for aeration or an attractive display, this all-in-one fountain & circulator is the ideal solution for small ponds less than three quarters of an acre in size. Easily convert between four aerating fountain patterns and a horizontal circulator in just minutes!

Deluxe All-In-One Fountain Circulator

With our deluxe small pond fountain and circulator packages, you get the best of both worlds! Aeration benefits combined with RGBW or LED lighting options will enhance the natural beauty of your waterway. This solution is ideal for small ponds less than a 3/4 acre in size! Easily convert between four aerating fountain patterns and a horizontal circulator in minutes! Packages come complete with a control panel and cable quick disconnect (QDC) for easy maintenance and seasonal storage.

Defused Aerator

This underwater ‘bubbler’ type diffused aeration system is designed to aerate, de-stratify and circulate water without disturbing the natural surroundings of the lake environment. Although this product can be used in most water depths, it is best for ponds and lakes with depths of 8ft or 2.4m or greater, the Air Flo has been independently tested, and out performs similar systems circulation and induced oxygen transfer capabilities by more than 20%. In addition, this system offers quiet operation and versatility in virtually any configuration.

Industrial Pond Aerators & Circulators (1-5HP)

These systems provide unique solutions to managing water quality, from low profile patterns to horizontal circulators and are used in a variety of applications. Our experience in industrial applications is obvious in the performance and results delivered by these surface and sub-surface aeration systems.

Giant Fountains

Our Giant Fountain line is popular among landscape architects when a dramatic focus is desired for a water feature. Shallow operating depth combined with other engineered features – the Giant Fountain is often chosen for it’s beauty, versatility, ease of handling, and quality.

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Nashville Pond

Our goal is to help distributors provide the best products possible for their clients. With over 12 years of experience in the pond, pumping and fountain industry, we believe Nashville Pond has the experience and knowledge you need to grow your business and provide the best service and products to your customers. With all sorts of outdoor fountains, waterfall pumps and aerators available, we know we will have what you need for any outdoor aquatic project.

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Otterbine Phoenix Floating Pond FountainFamily owned and operated, Otterbine has been leading the world in pond and lake management for more than 60-years, and the Barebo Family takes pride in the fact that their products help to make the world a better place through clean water.

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EasyProProviding innovative products and pond designs is an ongoing part of our business. Our years of hands-on landscaping installation experience and our willingness to listen to our customers has allowed us to create numerous industry-first products. From our patented skimmers and modular spillways to our unique waterfall diffuser and fountain basins, EasyPro’s product line continues to evolve as we listen to our customers and design products to fit their needs.

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KascoKasco is a world-leading manufacturer of decorative and aerating fountains, surface and diffused aeration systems, municipal products, circulators, de-icers, and beneficial bacteria. Common applications include residential ponds and lakes, water treatment plants, retention ponds, docks, marinas, fish farms, and more.

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Scott AeratorScott Aerator Company’s main focus is to supply you, our customers, the highest-quality pond fountains and water aerators on the market. Your satisfaction and enjoyment have been our top goals for more than 50 years. Located near Grand Rapids, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan, Scott Aerator Company is a family-owned business that provides a convenient source for tested, proven, American-manufactured fountains and water aerators, all guaranteed.

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