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Outdoor Fountains, Waterfall Pumps and Aerators

At Nashville Pond LLC, we believe in providing you with the best product and the best service so that you know you are providing the best for your customers. We have everything you need for your customer’s next aquatic project. Whether you want to help them find a fountain that will have their guests in awe, or waterfall pumps to create the perfect ambiance in their backyard, we have what you need to help them set up their dream outdoor oasis. We also have pond aerators that will provide the optimum amount of oxygen to your customer’s underwater ecosystems. Contact us today to see how we can fulfill your outdoor fountain, waterfall pump and aeration needs.


Service, Repair, and Onsite Installation

Our Service, Repair, & Installation Team has the experience and products necessary for a one time installation, fountain or pump repair, or a long term month to month service agreement. We appreciate our current HOA, industrial, and end user customer base.

Nashville Pond Fountains

Our fountains are assembled in the USA. Made in Nashville TN. We use only the best in nozzles, pumps, motors, wire, and LED lighting. Designed for years of trouble-free operation.

Otterbine Pond Fountains

Family owned and operated, the company has been leading the world in pond and lake management for more than 60-years, and the Barebo Family takes pride in the fact that their products help to make the world a better place through clean water.

Nashville Pond Aeration Units

Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Our aeration units are great for shallow water applications to keep algae under control. Aeration units are also an excellent way to prevent icing and promote healthy water circulation.

EasyPro Aeration Systems

EasyPro is one of the country’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of pond and waterfall products to the landscape contractor/garden center market. Nashville Pond is proud to offer EasyPro products to better serve our customers.

Waterfall Pumps

We offer only industrial duty pumps for waterfalls, pond transfer, dewatering, and an array of different applications.

High Volume Aerator Units

Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Our high volume aeration units are great for small ponds and shallow water applications to keep algae under control. Aeration units are also an excellent way to prevent icing.

Pond Chemicals

Our brand of pond treatments are among the best on the market. We offer natural and bacteria based treatments to maintain your body of water, as well as more aggressive chemicals to stop a pond bloom in its tracks.

Pond Liners

Nashville Pond’s fish friendly Aquatough rubber pond liners are specifically designed to resist the growth of microbes and algae, as well as harsh weather conditions such as frost, snow and extreme temperatures.

Retail Customers and Distributors


Working on a personal project or something for a client? At Nashville Ponds we want to help you make your outdoor fountain dreams come to life. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your outdoor fountain, waterfall or pond project, or how you can become a distributor!

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Outdoor Fountain Videos


View our outdoor fountain videos for inspiration and let us know what you’d like to explore.

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