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The Importance of Clean Water for Ponds

September 30, 2015

People are drawn to ponds for multiple reasons. Many love the aesthetically pleasing view that natural ponds provide a home. Others particularly enjoy the added benefits that natural ponds provide their animals. Regardless of why someone might have a pond...[ ]

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How to Choose Plants for Your Pond Landscape

September 11, 2015

Are you trying to make your pond or fountain more beautiful? Consider adding plants that will enhance the look of your pond or fountain landscape. Consider selecting plants that will enhance and blend in with your pond and fountain. Make...[ ]

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Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clean

September 4, 2015

Does your pond make part of your perfect backyard oasis? Ponds can be the center of attention, but make sure it’s the right kind of attention by keeping your pond clean. This is especially important during the summer when you...[ ]

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