Does your pond make part of your perfect backyard oasis? Ponds can be the center of attention, but make sure it’s the right kind of attention by keeping your pond clean. This is especially important during the summer when you and your guests may enjoy some time outdoors. Ponds can be the center of attention when they are kept clean. While owning a pond can be a pleasure, there can be some forces of nature you will have to fight against to keep your pond clean.

Some of the things you will have to deal with can be dirt, leaves, algae and more. Exposure to these outside elements can leave your pond looking less than stellar. Here are some ways you can keep your pond looking its best.

Here Are Some Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clean

Remove Debris

When debris falls into your pond it will start to decay use up oxygen. Remove all waste and debris from the top of your pond using a net. To reach debris that has settled at the bottom of the pond, you can use a pond vacuum.

Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clean

Fish Feedings

Feed your fish with a high-protein feed, but be careful not to overfeed. A good way to gauge the correct amount of food is to let them eat what they can in five minutes. Overfeeding your fish can produce too much waste and is harmful to the water.

Add Plants

Adding underwater oxygenating plants can be helpful for a pond to aid in the decrease of algae growth. Make sure not to add too many plants as they can soak up all of the nutrients necessary to prevent algae build-up.

Proper Filtration

Maintaining proper filtration is an important part of keeping your pond water clean. This will assist you in keeping small particles from building up in your pond water. Your filter will be working hard to keep your water clean, so make sure you change your filter weekly.

Tips for Keeping Your Pond Clean

Yearly Cleaning

Although you maintain a clean pond, it’s a good idea to do full bi-annual or yearly cleanings. The amount of cleanings per year will vary depending on the size of your pond and your upkeep. Maintaining a clean pond will help to extend the life and appeal of your pond.

Pond maintenance can take some work, but regular upkeep will minimize the time you spend on yearly routine cleanings.

What kind of pond cleaning tips do you have? Tell us about them. Here at Nashville Pond we care and we want to help you select the best options to keep your pond clean. Contact us today for more information on pond maintenance.