An outdoor water fountain can do wonders for your home and is a perfect addition to your backyard. During the day they help enhance the beauty of your landscape and at night they provide a touch of tranquility with the soft noise of falling water. It is important, however, to properly maintain your outdoor water fountain in order to avoid time consuming and costly repairs.

With over 12 years of experience in the pond, pumping and fountain industry, we at Nashville Pond have put together the top five tips for maintaining your outdoor water fountain.

Tips for Maintaining Your Water Fountain

1) Check for Wear and Tear

Outdoor water fountains are constantly exposed to the elements. In addition, it is usual for animals such as birds to frequent the fountain, leaving behind unwanted messes. Because of this, it is important to check the fountain for any wear and tear that could cause it to malfunction. We recommend to set aside a half-hour out of the week to check for any chips, breaks, pump malfunctions, or other type of issues that could cause the water fountain to stop running properly.

2) Clean the Fountain Every Three Months

It is important to clean both the inner and outer areas of the fountain. Algae buildup, animal waste and water mineral deposits could cause severe damage to a fountain that has not been properly maintained. We recommend cleaning your fountain with a brush and a mild dish detergent at least every three months. Keep in mind though, that some fountains require especial care, so make sure to reference the manufacturer’s guide before using any cleaning agents.

3) Keep Algae in Check

Alga is one of the main things that you will have to deal with when maintaining your outdoor water fountain. There are different options that can be taken to get rid of algae; which one you choose will largely depend on the amount of time you plan to set aside to clean your water fountain. While following general cleaning habits will keep algae down to a minimum, using an algae prevention product or cleaner will help decrease algae in your water fountain.

4) Keep the Water Flowing

Making sure the water has not evaporated or become stagnant is very important in maintaining your water fountain. During the hot summer months, water will evaporate at a much faster rate, so make sure to set time aside to refill your fountain. When adding new water, be sure that it is fresh water to prevent stagnation. This will also help curve the growth of algae. In general, we recommend changing the water in your fountain at least once a month.

5) Keep your Fountain Pump Clean

The pump is the heart and soul of your water fountain. Without a well-functioning pump, your beautiful water fountain would not work. In general, you will need to clean any debris, such as leaves and dirt, which are trapped inside of the pump. Failure to do this could cause a pump to clog and malfunction. It is important to consult the manufacturer’s guide, as it will provide you with instructions on how to best clean the pump.

A water fountain is the perfect addition to any home. It is important, however, to maintain the fountain periodically so that it does not malfunction. The above tips are a good guideline to get you started. If you have additional tips, leave them below in the comments. If you need help in maintaining your water fountain, contact us today; we’re here to help!