An outdoor pond is a great addition to any home. It enhances the beauty of your home and adds a touch of nature to your landscape. Ponds, however, can be hard to maintain without the proper tools or knowledge.

At Nashville Pond, we’ve come across customers who approach us for advice on how to solve common pond problems. In this post, we’ll discuss two of these problems and the best methods to prevent them.

Algae Growth

Anyone who has a pond can attest that algae are one of the most common problems in ponds. There is a variety of algae that can take over your pond, and once they’ve encroached into the environment, it can take a while to get rid of them. Uncontrolled algae growth can cause the water in your pond to stagnate, damage your pond pump and even harm the fish. To tackle this problem, we recommend getting an aerator for your pond. This helps by introducing dissolved oxygen to the water, which helps curb algae growth.

Fish Population

Top Pond Maintenance Issues - Part 1

No pond is complete without some fish. Maintaining the fish population, however, is not as simple as feeding them. There are many things that could cause the fish population to either balloon out of proportion, or to collapse. If you’re planning on introducing fish to your pond, we strongly recommend that you consult with a specialist on the care needed to maintain the fish. You can also monitor your pond oxygen levels, add different types of plants to your pond that will fertilize and provide food for the fish, and clean your pond on a regular basis so your water doesn’t stagnate.

In this post, we’ve covered two of the most common pond maintenance issues. Next week, we’ll tackle more issues and provide additional tips. The advice provided in this post is a starting point to help you maintain your pond. We still encourage you to contact a professional to better ascertain the best maintenance method for your pond. If you have any questions regarding pond maintenance, contact us – we’re happy to help!



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