The American way is very much one of surviving through any hardships that we might face. From the time that we set foot on this great land, we have strived and toiled to find our way, provided for those who depend on us and maintained as fulfilling a life as possible. Many of our forefathers struggled through life and thus became wise in many areas. As time went by, they have passed that wisdom onto us so that we can have a better and brighter future.

Learning from Our Past to Provide for Our Future


One of the traditions that we’ve maintained throughout the years is that of using all of our resources to their fullest extent. Throughout history, this has helped us conserve resources and understand how to best tackle different situations. In many ways, it is this knowledge that has contributed to the success of the pond industry.

Back in the day, before industrial farms and the advancement of agricultural technology, families relied on the resources they found in nature to provide for themselves. We at Nashville Pond understand the importance of keeping our traditions alive and more than anything, passing on this knowledge to future generations. Below we provide some tips on how to use your pond to its full advantage.

While industrial farms rely on expensive equipment to work the land, regular individuals who are simply looking for ways to provide for themselves, can use their ponds as the perfect tool. Ponds are natural ecosystems that are a perfect place for fish to live, thus providing us with a supply of meat. You can also plant a vegetable garden and use the water in your pond to water your vegetables. By incorporating ducks or chickens into your pond area, your fish will grow larger; this is because the natural fertilizer from the ducks or chickens will enrich the water and help plants, which fish eat to grow. In the same manner, you can add other animals around your pond and the cycle will continue with the pond serving as the main water source.

Throughout this whole process, it is still important to remember that steps need to be taken to keep your pond healthy. While the animals are doing their job in terms of fertilizing the plants and helping the fish grow, we must pitch in by ensuring that enough dissolved oxygen is going into the pond. This will help with keeping algae under control and making sure that your pond water doesn’t sit stagnant. By incorporating a fountain or an aeration unit, we are ensuring that our ponds remain healthy as they continue to provide us with much needed resources.

Leave a comment if you have any other tips on how to incorporate the benefits of ponds when growing food. If you have any questions call or contact us – we’re happy to help!

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